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Modern 3 Layer Coffee Table

Modern 3 Layer Coffee Table



Having a home that exudes stylishness calls for adeptness in the lastest in fashion. The Modern Rotary Coffee Table by J&M is all that you need to know about to prettify your living area.
Featuring a stationary base with a couple of adjustable levels on top of it that can rotate 360 degrees, this product is certainly a must-have in any household. It is so modern it automatically becomes the focal point of the room regardless of the simplicity of the interior.
This comes in polished lacquer finishes on three levels. These rotating levels are in white, gray and dark gray. The second level provides compartment for your stuff that need storage.

  • Dimensions: 35.5″ w x 35.5″ D x 12.5″ H
  • Manufacturer: J&M Furniture
  • Material: Lacquer
  • Stationary base with two adjustable levels
  • Two levels rotate 360 degrees
  • Middle level also serves as compartment.
  • 3 levels in white, gray and dark gray


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